Humor Bahasa Inggris

Surat menyedihkan seorang tkw kepada pacarnya di hongkong:

Hi man together this letter I give you know
I want cut connection us.
I think very cook cook all.
I know love my only clap half hand
Correctly I have see you play fire with a women entertainment at town with my eyes head alone
You always ask sorry back back river
River that I forgive you, but this river, I you correct correct hurt my liver.
You eyes drop tears crocodile
You correct correct a man crocodile land
So I cut connection and pull body from love triangle this
I cry night-night until no there is eye water more thinking about your body
I not want sick my liver for 2 river
Safe walk man

From your fruit liver

jika anda ngerti maksudnya, anda tentu sedaerah dg mbak sumi....

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